[image title=”Kat Johnston Photography: Just a little self-portrait. I’m thrilled with the lighting.” size=”large” id=”2618″ align=”center” linkto=”default” ]

Every so often I decide to do a new profile picture for myself. After all, it does tend to get boring having the same old picture populate the social networks day in and day out. Well, after getting my make-up done (complete with gorgeous false lashes), I could not resist taking some photos of the result.

[image title=”Kat Johnston Photography: The soft lighting accentuated the doll-like look perfectly, don’t you think?” size=”large” id=”2619″ align=”center” linkto=”default” ]

Unlike the photos in the previous post, I was able to control the lighting in these ones, which makes (in my opinion) for a far more refined finished product. I absolutely love the way the lighting turned out: soft and subtle across the face, accentuating the doll-like appearance I was trying to achieve.

The thing I love about photography like this is that it really can enhance appearance. In everyday situations, you don’t have perfect lighting or the ability to pose just-so. You don’t have post-processing to make sure that your teeth are just the right shade of white, or to take away that stubborn pimple that popped up out of nowhere. A photo like this is an idealized view of oneself, and honestly, a good ole fashioned ego boost when you’re feeling down.

Although admittedly… it does also make me feel a little depressed that I don’t look like that all the time!