Sanu in SL: Pool Floaties.

[image title=”Sanu in Second Life: I’d like to pretend that it is Summer, and that it is nice and warm… but it’s not!” size=”large” id=”2585″ align=”center” linkto=”default” ]

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve recently returned to Australia from living and working in Japan. Now Australia and Japan, they have opposite season cycles – so having returned in April after a rather cold Winter, I was immediately thrust into Autumn again. Alas, just a few days of Spring in Japan (and a late Spring, at that), then straight into impending coolness. Now that we’re in June, of course, it is starting to get a little bit chilly… though admittedly not as cold as it was getting in Tokyo while I was there.

Second Life, as it were, tends to run according to the season cycles of the Northern hemisphere. While you can certainly wear woolen clothing and set up a roaring fire there at any time of year, I always notice some great themed events and products to match the outside world as the seasons roll around. It makes sense! Our Second Lives seem to reflect the first in at least some small ways, so grabbing a pool floatie in Second Life when you can’t make it to the pool in the real world is just another fun way to celebrate Summer.

I gotta tell you though… for all the Summery products I am seeing around right now, I don’t feel any warmer here at home. Brrrr!

Teleport to Sanu to grab a pool floatie, when you have the chance. Oh, and take a peek in the Lucky Chair, too! There’s something new in there as well!