Announcement and Update: one month has passed me by, and I’m drawing in a real sketchbook.

A quick note on the picture above, before it goes into the hugely long post of today. I’ve entitled it ‘Dandelion Dreaming’ and it currently occupies a place in one of my ‘real’ sketchbooks. Please read on – the site has been live for a month today, so it is a bit of a […]

Survey: What do you think of me?

Update: 21 responses so far! We’re over the 20-person mark, can we get it to 25? Please get as many people involved as you can, I’ll update the number as we go. Regular entries are still being posted just under this one. This survey reminder will just remain at the top of the page until October 3rd – extending it out a touch longer for responses from Articulate! Thanks QUT!

This survey helps with my major assignment. At the very least, all I need is three words you can think of to describe me, based on your impressions of my web-presence online (perhaps reading through some of my posts or checking out the ‘Find me on’ list to the right will help, if you can’t think of anything straight away), though I would also love it if you would care to elaborate.

More info about the survey (if you want it) after the cut.

Announcement: All out of Inspiration, but Easier to Share.

No really… today is a bust. You’re getting a woman with wonky eyes and a repetition of flies because I’m entirely tapped. Inspiration is not forthcoming since my head is rather focused on my university work at the moment, and has gone entirely out of creative mode for the day.
Now for the fun stuff. […]

Announcement: All A-twitter and now on Flickr.

Three pictures of flies in a row, and I can tell that it is starting to become a mini-obsession… but that is generally the way it is, when I find something that tweaks my interest enough. It will grab me for a few days straight, then become a ‘regular’ obsession, to join all the […]

Announcement: I appeal to you for help.

Some may be aware, and others not, that I am utilizing this website for my major project this semester. I’m looking at the concept of personal branding for creative practitioners within the visual arts field utilizing primarily web 2.0 technologies.

So, without going into too much further detail, I’d like to know what you would […]

September 2nd, 2008|Announcements, Personal|1 Comment

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