Body Art

Body Art: Some more playing around with face painting.

I’m still trying to get used to these paints! They’re very fun to play with, without a doubt – but they’re definitely different from working with my favoured styles of paint. For one, the amount of water to paint and how often to reload the brush is a balance I am only just starting […]

Body Art: Getting into some body painting.

Most of my my body art, up til now, has been created using sharpie markers. I love them for that purpose! They produce clean, precise lines, blend well, and give a finish not unlike a tattoo (albeit a bit shinier). I’ve even used them for facial art. I definitely won’t be giving up sharpie […]

Announcement: Oh. My. God. My Zombie Jeebus is a tattoo. A real one!

Zombie Jeebus is now a real tattoo! I was recently approached by someone seeking permission to get Zombie Jeebus done as a real tattoo, and I replied with a huge 'YES!' Here's the photo of the finished product.

Body Art: Feeling a little koi.

Last night I had someone over wanting an image of a koi, and this is what I came up with! I’m rather happy with the overall result. It would have been somewhat better if my fine black pen didn’t keep conking out on me every 2 seconds as I approached the end of the […]

March 28th, 2010|Body Art|0 Comments

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Body Art: Something a little bit bitter.

There was a get-together on Saturday night, featuring a few old friends, and a few new. The ever charming Jaki (a friend of mine with a near psychotic obsession with Hello Kitty) proceeded to very thoroughly freak out one of the new crew by consuming a lemon wedge… rind, pith and all.

Anyhow, the new […]

March 22nd, 2010|Body Art|0 Comments

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