Announcement: Like Kat on Facebook!

[image title=”Kat Johnston: I’ve made it to Facebook!” size=”large” id=”2599″ align=”center” linkto=”default” ]

I’ve finally done it. I’ve been procrastinating about it for ages, but I bit the bullet today and got it done. I’ve made a Facebook Fan Page for myself, for art updates!

Admittedly, it doesn’t have a large amount on it yet, but […]

Sanu in SL: Lollipops… now I feel hungry.

[image title=”Sanu in SL: Lollipops… made of deliciousness… deliciousness and sugar.” size=”large” id=”2578″ align=”center” linkto=”default” ]

There’s just something special about recreating sugary treats in Second Life. Perhaps it’s the fact that they can always come out perfect, or maybe it has more to do with the fact that what you make is so idealized […]

Sanu in SL: An Autumn Release… I swear I’m not dead!

[image title=”Sanu in SL: A special release for autumn… a pumpkin macaroon!” size=”large” id=”2575″ align=”center” linkto=”default” ]

I know, I know… I’ve been incredibly slack recently, because I’ve moved to a new country and have only just gotten an office chair to go with my teensie tiny desk. I am currently seriously missing my gorgeous, […]

Sanu in SL: Pretzel Sticks and Fun Lipsticks!

It totally slipped my mind to announce the pretzel sticks here on my blog… so first things first:

[image title=”Sanu in SL: Pretzel sticks are tasty as! You can’t just stop at one.” size=”large” id=”2568″ align=”center” alt=”Sanu in SL: Pretzel sticks are tasty as! You can’t just stop at one.” linkto=”default” ]

I’m going to Japan […]

Sanu in SL: Macaroons that melt in your mouth.

[image title=”Sanu in SL: Macaroons are sooo pretty to look at, and they sure are tasty too. My mouth is watering just looking at them!” size=”large” id=”2565″ align=”center” linkto=”default” ]

It is no secret that I love creating virtual food in Second Life. There’s just something about recreating something that is already perfect, in a […]