Sketch: Spaghetti and Mutt-balls.

I think we can all acknowledge by this point that I love a good pun. I can’t help it! Good word-play, however groan-worthy it actually sounds once the joke is made, makes me tick. Manipulation of the English language into humorous forms is just plain awesome. And it is often really hard to explain […]

Sketch: Killer Cookies!

Rarr! I’m a cookie ninja! Fear my chocolate bullets of utter destruction!

I’ve been having a great time throwing together cute coloured joke-sketches for my Facebook Page. I figure it is a nice way to add a little fun to peoples’ feeds, and hopefully bring a smile to someone’s face in the process. That said, […]

Sketch: Forget the blackberry – fight the zombies from the liquor store.

Part two… because it was so requested by someone!

The next player in our little zombie adventure: Brittoni Hittaker. Plucky zombie-fighting companion to Jimminy Jonestown, she’s a lawyer by day and a hip-hop enthusiast by… well… all the time. She just can’t play it in court unless she finds a way to sneak it in […]

Sketch: Blackberry enthuiast and zombie annihilator.


This picture is most definitely not based on anyone real. Any resemblance is entirely coincidental, and of course, have no basis in fact. I know no-one with a red beard who works in IT, who is often carting around a blackberry and forming plans on how to kill a horde of zombies should the […]

Update/Sketch: Bite me. Oh, and I’ve done some flickr updating too.

Phew… done… at least for now. I’ve been working studiously away today, trying to get a good amount of the sketches here up onto my Flickr account so that it doesn’t go un-used. As a visual artist, it seems silly not to take advantage of Flickr for all that it’s worth. Although I haven’t […]