The line up the top of this one actually has nothing to do with this actual little sketch… it was two incredibly different thoughts on the same page. These two came about because I saw an interesting crease in one of the business shirts hanging to dry – this was drawn on a corner of my page soon after. Just for fun, I’ve included the other picture after the cut.


Times are a’changin’.

Ok, I’m doing my last little bits of tweaking on the new location for this blog and it should be up and running by this time tomorrow. Not long now! So… until then… I would reccommend holding your comments until I’m done with the new site! It will be bigger, better, sexier, and more […]

Owls do spirit fingers too, you know…

I think that I’m obsessed… again. Spirit fingers: is there anything more cool? I was asked today, when I was showing a friend of mine the pictures of these owls if I had watched ‘Bring it On’ recently. Actually no – spirit fingers are so cool, they need no movie prompts!

Two more pictures of owls after this one after the cut.


Marketing brings out some interesting sides to me…

And this is just proof of that. Sorry Elentari, I’m still working on getting something perfect for your Sandy request. I know, I know, I promised not to do portraity type things today, but it just didn’t turn out that way. Non-portraits tomorrow!

As a very special treat for today: another follow-up picture to go with the one above. Just click to enter the post, and you’ll get to see your special treat for today. Yay spirit fingers!


Physics: Its More of a Guideline than a Law…

Just a quick sketch today, drawn because I felt like relating a little story about last night. Yes, very rough sketch, with even rougher colouring, but it is the way I feel like drawing today *laughs*.

Last night, my partner and I went and got Subway for dinner. His sub is usually consistant of a […]