Requested: Its not a mess… Its art.

Tara gave me the word ‘clean’… here is my response. Its not a mess. Its art. Or is it? Well, I guess that is up for interpretation! *laughs* Let me just say that if I did this one in my studio, I think I’d get rather a rap on the knuckles for it… but […]

Tentacle Time

Not the greatest sketch in the world, but I feel that I’d best throw at least -something- up here to show that I’ve been doing something… As I’ve said before, I hate profiles… its far from perfect, but I can deal with that… at least each kinda-not-quite-right gets closer to the kinda-getting-closer-to-being-quite-right, the way […]

Dragonling Dreaming.

A friend of mine decided that she wanted a picture drawn for her… a picture of what I thought she would be dreaming of as she laid down to a nap. I think, perhaps, that she may have been dreaming of other things. However if it were I laying down for that nap, I […]

Hello World.

My first post of this magnificent blog. Who ever thought that I would take this step? I never thought I would. However, there is no time like the present to move along with things and show the world what I do, even if it is silly little sketches in a lecture notebook.

I meant to […]