Requested: Lady Leo.

Only just lightly coloured… perhaps I will follow this one through and colour her fully, because I like her! The request was from Lindsay, throwing together the words ‘leo’ and ‘chain’ for me to play with in a comment left for the last post.


Really only a quick post for today, because I have a project proposal to complete.

Not much to say with this one, except to ask one very big, very important question… Have you ever noticed that if you say ‘meow-meow-meow-meow’ over and over it starts sounding like ‘yum-yum-yum-yum’?

One more question for the road… Do librarian […]

Adopt Me.

I’m not sure if this quite qualifies for a cat… it was actually started out with something of a bunny in mind when I did the shape of the face to begin with… buuuut… it kinda morphed from there. So… kitty… or a creature masquerading as a kitty even though it really isn’t… perhaps […]


Untameable… that is the title for this one. Though how honestly true it is, who is to know? This pretty kitty likes to make it look as if she’s all tough and independant… but is she really as wild as she likes to make out? Methinks perhaps not.

A cat learns to protect herself with […]