Aw rats… don’tcha just hate it when that happens?

I bought brand new pens day before last! I’m so happy… they’re not expensive pens: papermate ten pack for about three bucks. Why papermate? I absolutely adore the blue. So rich, so vibrant, so pretty pretty. The owl drawn yesterday was from one of the blacks.

The reason I am saying this? Because it brings […]

Trick or treat?

This is just a quick little sketch thrown up because I can’t -not- put up a sketch of my own today… even if it is rather late in the evening for another post. Rather halloween inspired, I suppose!

You know… I’ve never tried pumpkin pie. Perhaps it is because I do generally have a bit […]

Hickory Dickory Dock (is the moon really made from green cheese?).

See? I am a good girl occasionally… two whole pictures in one night. Lucky you, wonderful viewers.
For some reason I wanted to do a clock towery type of thing last night that wan’t quite as straight as a regular tower might generally be… the rest just grew from that. I have no idea, really, […]

A Rat Painting in Progress.

Time to actually do some painting… something that I have somewhat neglected recently, until my loving husband and turned around to give me a bit of a gentle nudge in the ‘I want to see you painting again’ direction. So here starts a new piece… I know that there are many that I should […]

June 13th, 2008|Canvas, Ratties|0 Comments

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Little Flower.

Awww… here is the sketch for today. Exciting, huh? Now, when you think about it, that is one really really small flower when you take into account the relative sizes of things – even if you consider that that roughly drawn swiss may be from a rather large round of cheese. Perhaps it is […]