Sketch: Panda! It’s a panda!

I drew a sketch of a panda today! It is cute, adorable and fluffy, as all pandas should be. I also installed a captcha device to get rid of spammy spam. Try to post a comment and see if it works for me? Please?

Requested: Big Ears?

I don’t do ‘proper’ portraity type things all that often… always risk offending the person I do it of, or, even worse, making it look like somebody totally different. This is not the greatest example of portraity type work from me, that’s for sure… but it’ll do for now. I know there are many […]

Requested: Here Kitty Kitty…

A very quick post today, so forgive me for not being eloquent! Still pulling together a group assignment for my university coursework and putting final touches on it. This is a sketch done a little while back when I was fulfilling a ‘request’ sketch for a friend… this was one of the first quick […]

Requested: Sandy-cub.

“You mean I’m not old enough to properly appreciate roasted quail yet, Dad? You’re not going to waste good silver on me when I can have rainbow trout? Awww…”

This picture is for Elentari who requested that I draw with the word ‘Sandy’, which is the name of her boyfriend’s pet (the Rake) in World […]

Requested: Lady Leo.

Only just lightly coloured… perhaps I will follow this one through and colour her fully, because I like her! The request was from Lindsay, throwing together the words ‘leo’ and ‘chain’ for me to play with in a comment left for the last post.