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EaHH: And the donation is made.

And things finally draw to a close. The donation for the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal was made today – I really should have done it yesterday, but considering I was struggling just to breathe correctly (yes, the flu was that brutal) I figured you’d all forgive me for waiting until I could walk without […]

Sanu in SL: Feeling sickly, but there’s an up-side!

[image title=”Sanu in SL: I’m feeling sick, but luckily there is an up-side… you get a free skin!” size=”large” id=”2526″ align=”center” linkto=”viewer” ]

I hate being sick. There’s just something about sniffling away with a throb in your head and a churning in your gut that says, ‘Oh God, please let this be over soon.’

That’s […]

EaHH: Here’s the final figures!

Time for some accountability (we all knew it had to come). The grand total for EaHH came to *drumroll please* US$8673.83, which equalled AU$8,337.03 at the time of being transferred out of Paypal. Now to get down to the nitty gritty.

First off, the complete transaction history for the EaHH donation account: EaHH Complete Transaction […]

EaHH: And the Australia Day Concert draws to a close.

My god the last couple of days has just been incredible. 48 hours straight of musicians and performers from around the globe coming together at B&B’s to help raise money for the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal as part of EaHH!

I was just blown away. At one point, the sim was packed out with 54 […]

EaHH: Australia Day Concert is Underway!

[image title=”EaHH: Australia Day Benefit Concert in Full Swing.” size=”large” id=”2498″ align=”center” linkto=”default” ]

The Australia Day Flood Relief Benefit is in full swing, and I am happy beyond words… but I’m going to write a few words anyway. As I sit writing this, 54 people are on the sim, the donation booth is getting […]