Sketch: Little mister dragon.

I was doing a little scribbling last night in a sketch book (oh my god! I’m sketching in an actual sketch book!), and this little fella popped out. I was sketching dragons… you know… just coz? Ok, I might have had an ulterior motive. I need to make a birthday card later today because […]

Sketch: Rawr the Dragon.

Going to Sydney is a great idea, when you have a party on down there to attend. What isn’t a great idea? Doing a drive down and back (about 12 hours each way) in the space of a weekend! It was well worth the trip, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think I’m […]

Life Drawing / Sketch: The morning after.

Mmmm, I am starting to enjoy the wonders of raspberry tea right now. It is both tasty and delicious. That is what I am drinking as I sit here this morning, doing this post.

So I think that it is going to become required to put up at least one picture a week that results […]

Body Art: Another dragon.

So I mentioned yesterday that I’d been drawing on people smart (or stupid?) enough to make their bodies available to me. This was one of those sketches from the week-end just gone. Ok, so it isn’t the most brilliant thing in the world, but gigantic nikkos with blunted edges (as in it didn’t come […]

Life Drawing / Sketch: A figure and a face.

How’s that for a literal title? And how’s this for a proper sketch!

I must admit that I don’t draw from actual figures all that often – I don’t really get too much of a chance to tell someone to pick a pose and sit in front of me naked for 20 minutes. The last […]