Did Tink really just fancy Wendy?

Well… you never know. Its one theory, in any case. The picture above is Wendy, albeit not exactly of the Disney variety. She is, perhaps, a younger version… about six or seven years old… Peter has not lost his shadow yet, there is no ticking clock to signal the advance of one hungry and […]

Another day, another sketch.

Another random sketch and one I do not yet think is complete. She’s telling me she wants more and I’m telling her ‘later’ because I need to throw something up onto the site now! So I will throw up a ‘completed’ one later, if a completed one later happens to exist. It started off […]

Trick or treat?

This is just a quick little sketch thrown up because I can’t -not- put up a sketch of my own today… even if it is rather late in the evening for another post. Rather halloween inspired, I suppose!

You know… I’ve never tried pumpkin pie. Perhaps it is because I do generally have a bit […]

Stink lines, an almost-retraction and Elouise.

I’m almost considering issuing a retraction for the ‘I love you sweetheart’ comment of yesterday. Damn my occasional sappiness. I’m paying for it now with teasing in spades. The temptation to throw up a picture of my love with stink-lines is very, very tempting, but I know that if I open up the door […]

Better late than never.

Here we go! Another little sketch-book post today, since I didn’t have much time to sit down and do much (ok, any) sketching today.
The hubby and I had to go pick up my sisters from the train station – they’re staying for a week and a bit over their holidays. Hopefully I can bribe […]