Jenny is not impressed.

This is Jenny. Jenny is not a happy camper.

Owls do spirit fingers too, you know…

I think that I’m obsessed… again. Spirit fingers: is there anything more cool? I was asked today, when I was showing a friend of mine the pictures of these owls if I had watched ‘Bring it On’ recently. Actually no – spirit fingers are so cool, they need no movie prompts!

Two more pictures of owls after this one after the cut.


Requested: Sandy-cub.

“You mean I’m not old enough to properly appreciate roasted quail yet, Dad? You’re not going to waste good silver on me when I can have rainbow trout? Awww…”

This picture is for Elentari who requested that I draw with the word ‘Sandy’, which is the name of her boyfriend’s pet (the Rake) in World […]

Marketing brings out some interesting sides to me…

And this is just proof of that. Sorry Elentari, I’m still working on getting something perfect for your Sandy request. I know, I know, I promised not to do portraity type things today, but it just didn’t turn out that way. Non-portraits tomorrow!

As a very special treat for today: another follow-up picture to go with the one above. Just click to enter the post, and you’ll get to see your special treat for today. Yay spirit fingers!


Update: My Darling Marie.

A quick update of ‘My Darling Marie’, with a few extra features… such as hair…. and just the barest little touch of colour. I’m having fun with my pencils. I guess I haven’t touched them in so long, they feel all new and novel again *laughs*.