Kat Johnston - Owls can do spirit fingers too you know!

I think that I’m obsessed… again. Spirit fingers: is there anything more cool? I was asked today, when I was showing a friend of mine the pictures of these owls if I had watched ‘Bring it On’ recently. Actually no – spirit fingers are so cool, they need no movie prompts!

Two more pictures of owls after this one after the cut.

Kat Johnston - Owls doing spirit fingers? How Absurd!

Kat Johnston - do owls have fingers, do you suppose?

On a side note, I highly recommend ‘Little Lily Thai’ at Kelvin Grove. I stopped in today to enjoy a beef brisket and noodle soup since I had skipped over lunch. Quick, personable service (that said, it wasn’t exactly a busy time), a -huge- serving and incredibly delicious to boot. A little more mild than I generally like, but still hit the spot just right. I have to say, when you’re feeling down, there is hardly anything nicer in this world than a big serving of broth. Their sushi ain’t bad either (I tried that the other week… mmm, yum)!

Whilst I was there, the staff also set out one of the tables for themselves and had their dinner before the evening rush. If you ask me, if you see the staff themselves eating the food they serve, its a sign that something is going right.