automatic drawing

An update and some lunch.

Its the second day in a row that I have posted after 3pm… I’m getting slack! I’m not even sure what this little guy is, but I have a feeling that he might be that little creature that sits in the back of the oven, waiting until you turn away to take a little […]

Buttons. His name is Buttons.

Today’s littlest sketch-book page. His name is Buttons. I have no idea why. Cute little mite, isn’t he?
Only read on if you want to be bored with my ranting… I’m in a ranting mood today.
So, I am all alone at home today, kept company only by my two self-serving cats who are quite happy […]

Today’s sketch is a little topsy-turvy.

Today’s little sketch is… upside-down? Not my fault, I swear! I drew the eyes and they just came out that way. I was listening to music from Moulin Rouge, and a (seemingly) random selection of classic French tunes as I was drawing this little lady. I don’t know why I feel the need to […]

My Saving Grace.

Another ‘littlest sketch-book’ post, with another odd little creature coming forth from naught but a pair of eyes… I want to know what her story is. I haven’t quite been able to latch onto what it is yet… Neither do I understand her name of ‘My Saving Grace’, but the title floated down and […]

Yet Another Little Sketchbook Post.

Another little sketch-book post today… I’ve decided that I have to start with a set of eyes on each page (the cute big round ones that make me go ‘awww’ or ‘eeee!’) then go from there. Eyes are always a good place to start, in my opinion. From there on in, the rest is […]