Woof? Ahh, woof!

So about a week ago, I tried roasted dandelion tea. I have rather a fondness for teas of most kinds, though I do tend to swerve away from the black teas. I prefer herbal, or green, though I am not adverse to an iced black fruit tea… does that even technically count as tea?

Anyhow, […]

Lazy. That is what it is.

This, my dears, is laziness. Pure laziness. This is ‘I don’t feel like drawing anything really today’ at its finest.

I picked up a pen, and this is what we’ve got: dandelion-inspired type flowers, because I still have dandelions on the mind. In fact, I even went and plucked one of my childhood books off […]

Vivid yellow dandelions… mmm, a dandelion daydream.

So… the hubby reads the post of yesterday and disappears from the house for a few minutes. I wondered where he had gotten to. He really is a rather nice ogre, after all, all things considered. I peeked my head outside the front door to see what he was doing, only to find him […]

Rest in peace, sweet dandelions…

Another very quick, very rough little drawing (its Sunday… what can I say?) to make sure that I’ve got today covered in the ‘creative product a day’ vein. This one has a story.

Since last week, I have been craving a particular type of strawberry flavoured chocolate (this one here) which I can only obtain […]

Another little dandelion day-dream.

Just a little picture drawn quickly to get something up by early afternoon. I’ve been doing a lot of dandelions recently, for some reason. I think I’m going to make them the little ‘symbol’ for Atelodemiourgiopapyrophobia, a fear of imperfect creative activity on paper. When you can’t think of something to draw, you might […]