Sketch: Spaghetti and Mutt-balls.

I think we can all acknowledge by this point that I love a good pun. I can’t help it! Good word-play, however groan-worthy it actually sounds once the joke is made, makes me tick. Manipulation of the English language into humorous forms is just plain awesome. And it is often really hard to explain […]

Woof? Ahh, woof!

So about a week ago, I tried roasted dandelion tea. I have rather a fondness for teas of most kinds, though I do tend to swerve away from the black teas. I prefer herbal, or green, though I am not adverse to an iced black fruit tea… does that even technically count as tea?

Anyhow, […]

Another Little Sketchbook Post.

Another page in that little tiny sketchbook I posted a picture of the other day. This little sketchbook is going to be dedicated to automatic drawing, I think, as I can’t seem to look at those pages with something concrete in mind as to what I want to draw. Instead… just starting with something, […]