Long-legged birdies invading my dreams.

[image title=”Just an odd, long-legged birdie.” size=”large” id=”866″ align=”center” alt=”Just an odd, long-legged birdie.” linkto=”viewer” ]

This long-legged birdie was drawn rather soon after I woke this morning, actually… Well, not this one itself, but one rather ike it. This is another, drawn again because the other is rather involved in a more detailed little […]

November 9th, 2008|Lined Paper, Sketch|0 Comments

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A random little snippet of still-half-dreaming.

[image title=”Just a boy upon a page – only time will tell if he has a story worth telling.” size=”large” id=”864″ align=”center” alt=”Just a boy upon a page – only time will tell if he has a story worth telling.” linkto=”viewer” ]

In a world turned upside down, where bananas ate monkeys and monkeys ate […]

Announcement and Update: one month has passed me by, and I’m drawing in a real sketchbook.

A quick note on the picture above, before it goes into the hugely long post of today. I’ve entitled it ‘Dandelion Dreaming’ and it currently occupies a place in one of my ‘real’ sketchbooks. Please read on – the site has been live for a month today, so it is a bit of a […]

Dragonling Dreaming.

A friend of mine decided that she wanted a picture drawn for her… a picture of what I thought she would be dreaming of as she laid down to a nap. I think, perhaps, that she may have been dreaming of other things. However if it were I laying down for that nap, I […]