Announcement: Oh. My. God. My Zombie Jeebus is a tattoo. A real one!

Zombie Jeebus is now a real tattoo! I was recently approached by someone seeking permission to get Zombie Jeebus done as a real tattoo, and I replied with a huge 'YES!' Here's the photo of the finished product.

A few of my favourites… but certainly not all.

So it just so happens that I had an interview today, and because I was rushing out the door, I didn’t have the chance to grab any images of some of my more decent drawings or paintings. As a result, I gave a link to this site. Sooo, to make it easier to navigate […]

June 30th, 2009|Update|0 Comments

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Sketch: Her heart sits upon her collar.

This picture was drawn last night, alongside a couple of others – each of them displaying a head devoid of the body which may support it. This in itself is not unusual for me: I quite often draw only a face without what lies below it. It is on a slightly rarer occasion where […]

Sketch: Box kitteh sez ‘I iz live nao? Wheee! Kibble Plz?’

Lord I am tired tonight… and I’m not even entirely sure why. I guess that some days are just long, and when they are, they bear down on you, making you feel worn and weary. That aside though, I’m very happy with my sketch today! A little while back, I did a picture with […]

Sometimes an idea is a heavy burden to bear.

Ahh, what can I say about this little creature of mine… I did not summon him forth, he crept onto my page of his own accord. I was just going to draw a light-bulb. Ok, ok, perhaps a light-bulb with wings on it. It was not to be.

You know, sometimes I draw with a […]