Sketch: Dance like no-one’s watching -or- A glorious day.

Some days are just not worth chronicling – many are just like the one before it, steeped thoroughly in a sense of overbearing tedium. This was not one of those days.

I awoke to the pleasant sound of my husband entering the room, reminding me in case I had forgotten that I was to meet […]

Sketch: I’m an ace attorney.

I love a happy ending. I do. Its one of those things that gets me all warm and squishy and gushy inside. I love it!

You see, I’ve been playing Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney… its the reason I haven’t been on SL much today. Anyhow… without turning this post into something that looks like a […]

The 121st post.

Its a Saturday, so really, this is just a quick post to get it out of the way and get back to the things that matter: finishing writing documentary proposals, eating lunch (subway in this case) and relaxing for the afternoon.

Just for your interest though (since I am being a good girl and posting), […]

Three wishes were granted, may you be happy.

Title of today’s post is a line from a song I like, just to explain that one up front. Ok, and now onto something about the actual sketch!

I must have actually done this little bit of sketching last week, but I stumbled onto it again last night while flicking pages back and forth trying […]

Jenny is Suitably Impressed.

A second picture post for today, to celebrate the fact that I just checked, and www.katjohnston.com comes first for a search for (you guessed it) the search term ‘Kat Johnston’! Considering that the page has only been live for a grand total of 4 days, I think that is pretty good. In proper celebratory […]