Buttons. His name is Buttons.

Today’s littlest sketch-book page. His name is Buttons. I have no idea why. Cute little mite, isn’t he?
Only read on if you want to be bored with my ranting… I’m in a ranting mood today.
So, I am all alone at home today, kept company only by my two self-serving cats who are quite happy […]

What’s the Buzz? (please make the puns stop…)

Sorry for the pun. Its a compulsion. I don’t want for such things to happen, but its entirely beyond my control. I know its lame, but I can’t help it that despite the fact that they are about the most sigh-worthy jokes in history, I am still amused by them.
Not much really to say […]

Today’s sketch is a little topsy-turvy.

Today’s little sketch is… upside-down? Not my fault, I swear! I drew the eyes and they just came out that way. I was listening to music from Moulin Rouge, and a (seemingly) random selection of classic French tunes as I was drawing this little lady. I don’t know why I feel the need to […]

Do I look like a frog to you?

After posting that last little picture, I had a rethink… I know that my husband reads this blog (or he’d better, if he knows what’s good for him), and I just wanted to get something out of the way quick. I am not a frog, nor do I require a gift of flies, no […]

Lady of the Flies.

There we go, I have put up a picture drawn today after all. How’s that for commitment for you? Today’s subject: Lady of the Flies. Complete with antennae.

Just as an interesting side-note, they can not be true flies in my picture. According to Wiki’s page on flies, true flies only have two wings. Although […]