Requested: Its not a mess… Its art.

Tara gave me the word ‘clean’… here is my response. Its not a mess. Its art. Or is it? Well, I guess that is up for interpretation! *laughs* Let me just say that if I did this one in my studio, I think I’d get rather a rap on the knuckles for it… but […]


Really only a quick post for today, because I have a project proposal to complete.

Not much to say with this one, except to ask one very big, very important question… Have you ever noticed that if you say ‘meow-meow-meow-meow’ over and over it starts sounding like ‘yum-yum-yum-yum’?

One more question for the road… Do librarian […]

I Can Has Teddy Now?

So there really were no promised cookies in the last blog posting… and for that, I apologize. What can I say? I’m outta cookies!

Today’s picture: little Angela, who has a case of bad grammer and a longing for her teddy. Perhaps she is under the false misconception that bad grammer is cute, but she […]

Tentacle Time

Not the greatest sketch in the world, but I feel that I’d best throw at least -something- up here to show that I’ve been doing something… As I’ve said before, I hate profiles… its far from perfect, but I can deal with that… at least each kinda-not-quite-right gets closer to the kinda-getting-closer-to-being-quite-right, the way […]