Sketch: I’m in a bit of a bind…

It could be yarn, it could be rope… hell, I think it could even be spinach-infused spaghetti in pesto sauce. Either way, I think it’s cute, and that’s all that really matters, right?

I decided, at some point, as I was sketching this, that the kitty would be a Siamese. I have two kittens of […]

Digital: I’m siiiiiick… and I’m not happy about it.

Today’s is going to be a very short post… I’m feeling horridly ill and even sitting in front of the computer is taking it out of me.

As a result, this image is another of Lolli, who you can see a couple of posts down… and I think she’s reflecting my condition quite well. If […]

Sketch: Just adorable!

Eep! I actually meant to post up this picture last night, but then my hubby put on ‘Pirates of the Caribbean III’ and by the time that was done (overly long, in my opinion), I was just ready to fall into bed and close my eyes. I had it all scanned into the computer […]

Sketch: Missy Pen-Pen, and ‘Yay, I got my Parchment… ohhh…’

My darling Miss Pen-Pen, how I do so adore her. She’s the little sumo-cat of our household, and isn’t afraid to throw her weight around if needed. She truly is a queen, speaking up when she’s ready for a snuggle and somehow -you- haven’t given her one yet. She does have a tendency to […]

Sketch: Magnificent Mogs

We’re building on the post of yesterday now… yesterday’s picture looked rather much like a Lolita to me (one of my cats), that I had to do a Penny too (uhhh.. the other cat). Penny does not look quite right on her own though, when there isn’t a Lolita around to try and pounce […]