Sketch: Dinocorn meets Dinocorn. Love results.

And they lived happily ever after. Aww!

I had this thought yesterday, and I could not help but want to draw it out as soon as I thought of it. You see, I have a friend. She loves dinosaurs. I have several other friends who like unicorns. So naturally a combination of the two would […]

October 31st, 2012|Cartoon, Digital, Sketch|0 Comments

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Sanu in SL: Love is in the air!

I know it isn’t Valentine’s Day, but I say that any time is a good time to express your love and affection for someone. So feeling in a lovey-dovey mood (as you do sometimes), today’s Sanu release includes adorable love letters and love poems!

For both the love letters and the love poems, you receive […]

Sketch: Show that you care, with Cthulhu.

Sorrrrrry… I know. Enough cthulhu already. I can’t help it – they’re just toooo cute! Today’s installment on the cthulhu-train is a silly not-quite-papercraft style thingime that could be (if you wanted to put something totally lame on someone’s desk for them) cut out and constructed into something cute. The fact that it is […]

Heartbroken… what am I to do?

Said the bunneh, as his heart broke into two even pieces. He kept one – the other went to his love, whether he willed it or no. It would be a long time before that shattered portion could be regained, if ever. When a bunny’s heart is broken, it must quest to find the […]

December 28th, 2008|Bunnies|0 Comments

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An Amphibian Anniversary Card.

I was sitting there, looking at one of the fly pictures this morning… and just went ‘that looks like a love-heart to me’. Flies definitely aren’t generally seen in the context of love, but perhaps if the recipient of a card with this on the front was, say, a frog? Then it might be […]