Sketch: Just a quick sketch for today… I’m working on something cute.

A quick sketch while I prepare something full of absolute cuteness for the site.

Artist Feature and Sketch: A tragic clown.

The last couple of images I’ve uploaded have been rather… um… sketchy! So time for something a touch more precise.

I tend to go through different moods – fairly unscribbled here, lots of scribbles there… since I don’t tend to ‘pre-sketch’ for these sketches (ie, do something erasable underneath first before going over the top […]

Sketch: Oh holy maiden, to grace my page so sweetly…

Ahhh, another random scribble-girl. Scribble girls are fun, don’t you think?

Ok… I’ll be honest… she wasn’t entirely random. If she were entirely random, I’m not sure what would have come out!

I actually intended her to be a bit more simplistic than she is as you can see her now – but she simply demanded […]

Sketch: Little mister dragon.

I was doing a little scribbling last night in a sketch book (oh my god! I’m sketching in an actual sketch book!), and this little fella popped out. I was sketching dragons… you know… just coz? Ok, I might have had an ulterior motive. I need to make a birthday card later today because […]