Sketch: Dinocorn meets Dinocorn. Love results.

And they lived happily ever after. Aww!

I had this thought yesterday, and I could not help but want to draw it out as soon as I thought of it. You see, I have a friend. She loves dinosaurs. I have several other friends who like unicorns. So naturally a combination of the two would […]

October 31st, 2012|Cartoon, Digital, Sketch|0 Comments

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Sketch: Panda! It’s a panda!

I drew a sketch of a panda today! It is cute, adorable and fluffy, as all pandas should be. I also installed a captcha device to get rid of spammy spam. Try to post a comment and see if it works for me? Please?

Sketch: So glad you made it!

My mum is reading my blog, and I think that is kinda cool. Jenny seems glad too!

Sanu in SL and Photography: Tastes of Summer.

Let’s start with a nice little photo I took last night! I really need to get a better camera, better lighting and some reflectors if I plan on doing this all that often – but I still think they turned out pretty great. For a post-baking snack I had some plump, juicy strawberries dipped […]

Update: My Darling Marie.

A quick update of ‘My Darling Marie’, with a few extra features… such as hair…. and just the barest little touch of colour. I’m having fun with my pencils. I guess I haven’t touched them in so long, they feel all new and novel again *laughs*.