swirly things

Just the letter ‘K’.

Yup, just as the title suggests. When faced with a new little sketchbook (and I have been buying two of these little ones every time I go to the Kelvin Grove Markets) I am forced into doing something of note on the first page. This time I went ‘screw it’ and just started sketching […]

Announcement and Update: one month has passed me by, and I’m drawing in a real sketchbook.

A quick note on the picture above, before it goes into the hugely long post of today. I’ve entitled it ‘Dandelion Dreaming’ and it currently occupies a place in one of my ‘real’ sketchbooks. Please read on – the site has been live for a month today, so it is a bit of a […]

Atelodemiourgiopapyrophobia – the fear of imperfect creative activity on paper.

I know, it is rather a mouthful, isn’t it? A friend and I have looked high and low to find a proper term for a fear of ruining a blank page. We have found fear of blank paper (vacansopapurosophobia), fear of imperfection (atelophobia),  fear of ruin (atephobia) and fear of failure (atychiphobia), but none […]

Another day, another sketch.

Another random sketch and one I do not yet think is complete. She’s telling me she wants more and I’m telling her ‘later’ because I need to throw something up onto the site now! So I will throw up a ‘completed’ one later, if a completed one later happens to exist. It started off […]