Sketch: Dinocorn meets Dinocorn. Love results.

And they lived happily ever after. Aww!

I had this thought yesterday, and I could not help but want to draw it out as soon as I thought of it. You see, I have a friend. She loves dinosaurs. I have several other friends who like unicorns. So naturally a combination of the two would […]

October 31st, 2012|Cartoon, Digital, Sketch|0 Comments

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Sanu: Dark Unicorns.

Its actually been a few days since I put these up in store, but I have been rather neglectful when it has come to posting things up here over the past few days. As always, life is busy – its just one thing after the next. Which is fairly good, when you actually think […]

Sanu: Pro-unicorns vs Anti-unicorns… Unicorns win.

I hope to the lord above that I’m not committing career suicide by posting this… but my hubby talked me into it!

Second Life is a fascinating place – so many things go on that get no further than a chat with friends over drinks otherwise. I’m not sure if I’m normal in this respect, […]