Nibble nibble… NOM!

Today it isn’t even really so much a sketch as a few words scrawled (quite prettily though) against the page of one of my mini sketch-books. I’ve skipped a page in between – it involved more cherries. In fact, those cherries the other day were so tasty that I need to go out and […]

Last minute polishing… so no time to post.

Ohhh, another very quick picture today: so quick in fact that I couldn’t take the time to pick up a pen and sketch it on paper, scan it in and crop it down and so forth. Instead, thank god for the wacom tablet to cut out that extra step for quick and dirty posting.

Just […]

October 13th, 2008|'The Hubby', Digital|0 Comments

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Childhood trauma: the gift that keeps on giving.

Thank you to all who responded to my survey! I’ll put together some results from that and post them either later today or tomorrow, to let you know how people answered. A couple did somewhat surprise me, but I’ll go into that later. If you missed responding and still want to do so, it […]

Atelodemiourgiopapyrophobia – the fear of imperfect creative activity on paper.

I know, it is rather a mouthful, isn’t it? A friend and I have looked high and low to find a proper term for a fear of ruining a blank page. We have found fear of blank paper (vacansopapurosophobia), fear of imperfection (atelophobia),  fear of ruin (atephobia) and fear of failure (atychiphobia), but none […]