A guest spot!

This picture… is not mine *gasp*. Today, I’m doing a guest spot to feature one of my incredibly brilliant and overly talented sisters! I would like to think that I inspired her to get into drawing… but the likelihood is that she just got into it herself. No harm in me taking credit for […]

Another day, another sketch…

Amy is just a gem… she can see through someone trying to talk around in circles and isn’t shy about confronting them about it… and making them present things more realistically. She doesn’t mind cutting someone down if they’ve start exhibiting a superiority complex bigger than the Empire State Building either. She’s not cynical, […]

Long Day.

Having lectures in the evenings makes the day seem very long – work on classwork and other such things during the day, all whilst keeping an eye on the clock for it to tick over to that time that you have to get going… sit down at 5pm and somehow have your brain struggle […]