Body Art: Getting into some body painting.

Most of my my body art, up til now, has been created using sharpie markers. I love them for that purpose! They produce clean, precise lines, blend well, and give a finish not unlike a tattoo (albeit a bit shinier). I’ve even used them for facial art. I definitely won’t be giving up sharpie markers as a medium for creating body art any time soon.

However, I’ve had a project come up that requires something a little different: paint. Sharpies get their due when it comes to creating tattoo-like body art, but paint definitely has something sharpies don’t have: vibrancy of colour that sits ‘on’ the skin to cover it completely. Especially when it comes to white.

[image title=”Kat Johnston Body Art: Such a naughty fairy, pulling a face like that!” size=”large” id=”2627″ align=”center” linkto=”default” ]

Thanks to Erin McNamee for being my canvas here!

It has been a long time since I’ve done any actual, honest-to-goodness body painting, so I am still very much getting used to the feel of the paint. It’s different to work with, as it is water-activated and dries relatively quickly when applied to the body. Getting the right consistency of water and paint loaded onto the brush was a little finicky at first, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

[image title=”Kat Johnston Body Art: A few flowers and a tiny dragon… very cute!” size=”full” id=”2628″ align=”center” linkto=”default” ]

Later the same evening I had a request from a friend to do a little painting on her back too. I won’t say it is my finest foray into the world of painting on bodies, but every little step is a development of skill, so I’m happy to post the picture anyway! Sadly, because some of the paints used are pearlescent, they didn’t photograph particularly brilliantly.

I will say, I absolutely adore how vivid the colours are, using these paints. When I do have the water/paint mix down right, they’re fairly opaque and with a little practice, I am confident that I’ll get better at using them. I’ll just have to practice more before my super-secret-project that requires body painting skills comes to a head!